Lares (pronounced Lah-rez) is the ancient Roman god of the household.
We thought the name appropriate, given our role is to look after yourself and your family respectfully and carefully throughout the process of designing and building your new home.

Created by a passionate group of industry leading professionals, Lares Homes is dedicated to delivering the best full service approach to home building.

Our vision at Lares is to be progressive by doing things differently.

“The home building industry is quite unique. The nature of designing and constructing a home involves such a lot of detail that the relationship between a client and builder is over many, many months – even years. This relationship is so important, and something we value above all else in our business.”

Steve Sinclair, Marketing

“For me, home design has always been about people. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity and privilege to work with clients and help them create that unique expression of their own personality. The best outcomes in my experience always come as the result of a strong collaboration between myself and the client."

Eric Pagnozzi, Design

“With over two and a half decades building some of Adelaide's most prestigious homes I've gathered a team of professional tradespeople who are passionate about their craft and proud of every task they complete.

Our passion, together with our team of tradespeople, is turning a great classic or contemporary design into a tangible, beautiful home that our customer can be proud to own and live in.”

Paul Gelios, Construction

“My role at Lares is ensuring the smooth transition of each home through the various phases from council to completion. Meeting these important critical dates allows us to provide you with an agreed site start date and also a guaranteed completion time. In my experience this helps every client in planning the transition to their new home.”

Rafal Zuliamis, Operations

At Lares, we like to bring design vision and architectural perspective to every detail, creating individual homes to suit the most exacting requirements.

We love innovation and simplicity and strive for the creative application of natural materials. To us, great architecture means designing spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also practical and functional.

We have the flexibility to create work that is not only of the highest quality but is specifically tailored to your personal requirements.

Our mission is to make great design accessible, creating unique homes of real style and enduring value.


At Lares, we provide a seamless fully co-ordinated approach to your home building requirements. Connecting each link in the design and building chain together, in a process that promotes creativity, flexibility and efficiency.

We are open, down-to-earth people who will work closely with you to ensure design, detail and expectation are delivered.

Our approach from concept to completion is straightforward, flexible and above all, transparent.

The Lares team has considerable experience designing and building in all areas of Adelaide, whether that be a hills or country estate, a coastal retreat or an inner suburban site with specialised council requirements.

At Lares, we believe in an experience you can look forward to, enjoy and be excited by.


At Lares, we never take for granted the trust you place in us.

We understand the absolute importance of providing excellent customer service and are dedicated to finding out from our customers how we are doing.

We will provide you with an agreed site start date and a guaranteed completion time.

Once your home is completed you will receive Lares Premium, our industry leading aftercare program.

The use of premium materials, construction methods and tradespeople allow us to include the following with each new Lares home.

  • 25 year structural guarantee
  • 1 year Lares Premium aftercare program

And, no matter what questions you may have, at any stage of the process, there will always be someone at Lares to talk with – guaranteed.