Olea House

Olea House

Olea House is an interpretation of the modern villa style residences seen throughout the Mediterranean, embracing local materiality, clean lines and the use of few elements. With a thoughtful linear design and open, flowing spaces, Olea House offers a calming and inviting environment.

The floor plan has a clear definition of spaces, with a fluid connection between those spaces. This creates an open feeling throughout the home, which is continued with the strategic use of courtyards and wide, glazed openings, maximizing natural light and encouraging the connection between inside and out.

Embracing a sophisticated palette of limestone, render, and natural timbers,

Olea House is a timeless and engaging piece of contemporary architecture, offering a sanctuary for modern family life.


422 Glynburn Road, Erindale


Open Saturday and Sunday, 1pm – 4pm

Monday to Friday by appointment